What Is Unlocking?

There are various methods to unlock iphone 7, but the main purpose of unlocking is to enable any SIM card from any network operator, even abroad and access their network properly.

Reasons for Unlocking My iPhone 7

There are a number of reasons for which users want to unlock their iPhones. Sometimes its the contract with the current service provider that has run out while some other times you might want to sell your phone to buy a better one. Also, unlocked iPhones fetch a higher price than the locked ones. At times of vacations, you want to switch to networks that are cheaper and efficient rather than being stuck to one network. At the end of the day, it is all about being able to use your phone.

Difference between Unlocking and Jailbreaking

The term jailbreaking means installing software from the internet in order to access hidden functionalities on your iPhone. It allows using apps that aren’t available in the App Store plus use whichever SIM card you prefer.

The unlocking process removes the restriction that blocks you from using alternative cell networks.

For most iPhone users, jailbreaking isn't preferable. It implies hacking into Apple’s iOS system to win access to files that normally, users can't alter.  Jailbreaking often ends in blunders which are difficult to track down and rectify, and in any circumstance is a violation of Apple’s end user license agreement. So, attempting a jailbreak will eventually cut off tech support for that iPhone.

On the other side, a jailbroken phone supports the user to install apps available from non-Apple sources. Probably, these apps cause your phone to behave oddly, but then in many cases, the official App Store doesn't have many products available.

Are There Better and Worse Ways to unlock an iPhone 7?

Definitely. Several websites provide a chargeable software, which they claim will unlock your apple iphone 7 phone, but this is another sort of jailbreaking. This too can instantly end your warranty and cause your phone to catch bugs. Apple has shown their disapproval regarding jailbreaking by warning users that the new software updates will affect the jailbroken or software-updated phones.

A Good Way to Unlock my Phone

Factory unlocking, or IMEI unlocking, is backed by Apple and these methods won’t nullify your warranty. They are permanent and without any risk of messing up your OS.

How Do I Obtain a Factory Unlock?

The result of communication between Apple and your cell service provider is Factory unlock of your phone. Usually, one email or call made to your phone company’s customer service sorts the problems, but considering the provider is losing a customer anyway, they aren’t likely to dedicate huge resources for your help.

Fortunately, there are several factory unlocking services accessible on the internet, but you should still be careful who you trust. There are a few reliable companies that operate with cellular business firms and Apple to speed the process along – you have to pay just a reasonable amount and give them your IMEI number, and they will handle the rest.