In the recent years, changing phones has become a fashion. People keep on changing phones every six months. This is because of the wide range of mobiles available in the market. Unlocking of the phone is done when the user wishes to change the carrier and switch to another network. A few years back, this wasn’t considered legal, and there were many laws which considered it illegal. But with the changing times, the procedure of unlocking the phones is considered legal. This post will give you an overview as to why the unlocking phone was considered illegal and how it became legal.

With changing times, rules also change as per the demand of people. Initially, unlocking the phone was legal, but from 2013-2015, it became illegal, and again it was decided that unlocking of the phone should be legal considering the changes happening. As per the recent rules, it was decided that having unlocked phones isn’t a crime till the customer doesn’t breach the contract of the service provider. There are many phone companies, which are coming up with unlocked phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is being used by a lot by costumers and one can even unlock Samsung galaxy s7, which is in high demand. This is because unlocked phones allow you to choose your service provider. If you are going abroad, you can easily buy a cheaper sim card for which the cost of roaming calls will reduce. Even the resale value of such phone is high.

If you are using a locked phone, then inserting any other sim card will show that your phone is restricted. In this case, the phone can be unlocked directly by the carriers, but, in some cases, a formal request should be made. Whatever way it is done, the carrier cannot deny the request which you have put. Unlocking can be done in three ways. The carrier can directly unlock your phone, give you instructions on how to do it or carry out the process through phone’s manufacturer.

If your device is not eligible to be unlocked, then the carrier has to give you the apt reason for it and explain you any simple way. If the two-year contract between you and the carrier hasn’t expired, then you cannot unlock your phone. As breaching the contract will be considered as an offense. So before applying for the unlocking procedure, make sure that you aren’t breaching the contract.

Unlocked phones such as Samsung galaxy s7 Verizon have many benefits. To start with, you can use this phone freely. If you are finding any kind of network issues, you can easily insert another sim card. It is most beneficial for travellers and people who have to go to other countries for work. Unlocked phones are a boon for people. But its cost is slightly higher than the locked phones. If you get it through Verizon, then you get a subsidy.

Hence, phones can be legally unlocked now without any issues, and people can get its benefits. There are many unlocked phones on the market which are becoming popular among consumers.