Travelling on a train in India is an exciting event in itself. There are so many interesting tales that you can experience in just one journey. You meet new people, see new places and have great experiences. Everything about a train journey is fun and thrilling. While many people think that travelling in a train is cumbersome, if you plan properly, you will certainly enjoy the journey.

Here are some tips to have a comfortable train journey

Plan ahead

This is the key to a successful trip in a train. You must plan early and book your tickets in advance. Only then can you get comfortable seats of your choice. Or else, you will have to settle for the seats available in a different coach or class. If you are too late to make bookings, you will end up not getting a seat. With India’s growing population, you can never expect a train to run empty. It is always full at all times of the year. So, stop taking chances and book the tickets in advance.

It is wise to book ahead even though you are not very sure about the travel plans because you can always cancel your tickets to get refunds. Book your tickets and do PNR status enquiry.

What to carry with you

A train journey is going to be long and boring if you are travelling lengthy distances. So, brace yourself for the journey. If you are lucky, you will get some friendly co-passengers who might talk to you all through the journey. But if you want to occupy yourself with something for time pass, better carry a book or a music player along with you to help you kill time. You can also take your laptop along with you to do any work of yours. One good thing about travelling on train is that you get enough space to stretch and do what you want freely.


Most of the trains do offer food on board, but if you are concerned about the hygiene, you can carry your own food and drinking water to avoid going hungry. If it is a short journey, you will just need a bottle of water and some cookies. But, if you are travelling on the train for days, you better carry snacks to munch on because you tend to get hungry while you are sitting idly in a train.


While travelling on a train, you must be very cautious about your luggage. You are responsible of your luggage so keep them safely below your seat or above your seat. Do not keep your luggage in one coach and sit in another. Also, try not to carry expensive stuff while you are travelling on train, especially overnight. Be extra careful while talking to strangers. Do not give out too many details about yourself. Also, do not eat or drink anything offered by strangers on the train.

These are some of the handy tips to have a safe journey in an Indian train. If you follow them, you will have a memorable experience.