How does the health ATM play an important role in delivering healthcare facilities? The first health ATM was established by the Essar Foundation at the primary health center. Max Bupa health insurance is the first insurer in India that launched a health ATM to issue the health plan and conduct medical tests without any manual interpretation.

Now, there are many private and government healthcare centers that already install health ATMs. If you want to get the complete details about health ATM, you have to read the complete article, with its facts.

Health ATM

Health ATMs are considered one stop digital touchpoint machines specially designed to deliver primary care and diagnosis by diagnosing all chronic diseases.

Clinics on cloud Health ATM is well built in with the latest types of equipment for diagnosis of cardiology, basic vitals, pulmonary, neurology, emergency facilities, and life saving equipment.

The best thing is that the health ATM is used to manage the health related information and allow people to access their personal and health information through networking connected devices.

How does the health ATM solve the primary health services problems

Health ATM is a combination of CE and FDE approved diagnostic devices backed by HIPAA compliant software.

  • It increases patient satisfaction and manages their health needs by giving them access to top class medical facilities.
  • The good thing is that the health ATM solves the primary health services problems in remote and rural areas.
  •  It is a sophisticated, modern, accurate, automated, and simple health kiosk.
  • This machine helps to easily diagnose the medical conditions of people in remote locations where it is not possible for healthcare doctors to reach.
  • It also gives the central platform to patients to interact with the doctors through video conferencing ( telemedicine).

Health ATMs prevent health screening.

Health ATMs give convenient and quick preventive health screening.

  • It also helps the patient to connect with professional doctors with the help of telemedicine features, web applications, and digital medical devices.
  • The health ATM works like a health kiosk in urban areas.
  •  With the rapidly increasing number of noncommunicable diseases, the necessity is no longer about diagnostics, but there is a need for early identification and preventive screening.
  •  This is exactly where the health ATM plays an important role.
  • It provides seamless access to affordable and quality caregivers and fast diagnosis.
  • It also empowers the customers to make them more aware of their health and offers better alternatives to healthcare than diagnostic laboratories and retail care clinics.


Health ATMs are mainly used at primary care clinics, government hospitals, and rural health centers. It is one of the best technologies that helps to reduce patient waiting times and quickly address the health problem of patients.

It is easy for people to diagnose their health through health ATMs. The best thing is that the health reports and results are easily verified and transmitted to the centralized control unit.