India is a vast country with a land area of 2.38 million sq/kms making it the seventh largest country in the world. In order to provide uninterrupted access to areas across the country, one needs a robust and well-structured transportation system. India has a huge road network that is utilized mainly to carry goods and supplies in and out of the country. Air travel in India is also quite well established, with relatively cheaper airfares it is fast becoming a good option for travellers commuting between major cities.

When it comes to all-around connectivity, nothing can trump the sheer size of the railways and its ability to reach places unknown. The Indian Railways has a huge interconnected network of over 70000 kilometres and can virtually reach almost any place in the country. Some of the features of the railways are:

  • Availability of options: One can choose to board trains from any corner of the country and yet manage to find a route to any other remote place they wish to visit. For convenience, there are over 7000 train stations spread out all across the country.
  • Affordable rates: In terms of train fares, India by far has the cheapest possible rates for train tickets. It is kept this way by the government because they realise that the per capita income of the country is nominal and that a majority of the masses use this system for daily commuting.
  • Luxury and comfort: Trains are very spacious and comfortable, any person who has travelled on one can attest to this fact. The IR also offers a host of luxurious trains which cover certain routes and offers an itinerary based on the area and locale. These trips might be slightly heavy on the wallet but nonetheless, offer spectacular sights and jaw-dropping views.
  • Scenery off the beaten path: The railroad network traverses through some of the most remote areas in the country; places like the Western Ghats, the Himalayas, national parks and even the deserts of Rajasthan are all covered by the Railways. The sights and scenery have played an inspiration to a host of writers, filmmakers and photographers alike. The sheer beauty of the sights gives travellers a profound joy that words cannot describe.
  • Technological advances: One can easily book tickets online and enquire their ticket and train statuses at the click of a button. All one needs to do is search for Indian Railway seat availability, and it can be all done within a matter of seconds.

With over thousands of destinations on offer, one can fairly easily travel to almost anywhere in India, whether it is the tea estates of Assam, the coast of Orissa, the dry desert of Rajasthan, the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh and so much more. The IR has plans for expansion and adding new places to their route map, hence offering more for the travellers who like to explore new places. Improvements to the trains and inclusion of brand new technology are imminent and as time goes on we are more likely to see a highly advanced railroad network.